Monday, July 04, 2005


another movie to avoid

I have had just about enough of people who think violence is bad. Have they never watched a simple cowboy movie? Of course violence is bad when it is used by bad guys against good guys, but also as employed by Clint against all those people with the dodgy moustaches it is obviously completely good, and what is more, great fun and not at all regrettable.

I was just watching "Braveheart" starring Mel Gibson, and after his new wife is bashed, nearly raped, dragged across the mud then tied to a post and has her throat cut in the public square, when Mel finally turns up for revenge he kills the evil English fellow with a distinct look of regret upon his face! This is sheer utter pathetic gayishness. The man abused and murdered his new wife! She may not have been that pretty, but she had a better Scottish accent than most of the cast! And she knew how to jump on a horse fast! Mel should have been absolutely relishing the opportunity to polish off the bad guy in this case!!! He might at least have punched him in the face, but no, it has to be all about how he regrets this terrible descent into violence, but he was forced into it, it was his inheritance, and rhubarbrhubarbrhubarb.

If you have seen this movie, you may not have noticed all that from this particular single look in Mel's eye yourself, but take my word for it, the entire attitude to violence of that film is just typical of the modern regretful pansy-like way people regard bloody death these days, and it is not normal.

Anyway I have not seen the rest of the movie yet because I thought I was going to throw up after all that, but I hope when I do Mel becomes more violent, because of course it was evil for a bunch of foreigners to pillage and oppress the innocent little sack-wearing peoples of Middle Earth with the confused-sounding voices, they were just going about their business eating mud and dancing jigs, and they are entitled to a gruesome and gleeful revenge. Not that any of it is necessarily connected with actual history.

Keep watching. He appearantly learns to enjoy the killing and does a fair amount of it.

"...they may take away our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM! "
Mel is a strict catholic and an Australian to boot.
What you mistook as a "distinct look of regret upon his face!", is the Aussie/Mick "death stare".
I received this "look" once from an entire Aussie tour group when I ruined a karaoke version of a Rolf Harris tune.

"Mind me platypus duck Bill...."

Rhubarb pie, oh the memories! Thank you annie, a true Pavlovian moment.
"Mick".. Thats it ! The semi-derogatory slang word I've been looking for ! Thanks Saving!

Let me give it quick try...

"Fookin' Micks!"

Yes..Yeeeeees! Thats it.Perfect.
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