Sunday, July 24, 2005


mmm, that sounds appetising, not

Would you like to eat some runts? How about a few duds? Maybe the odd nerd or six?

No you would not, because they are all horrible radioactive candy sweet things, and they all have very unappealing names too.

Here are my suggestions for American candy factories to call their next range of products: dorks, bums, twits, fiascos, downers, tossers, blunders, morons, idiots, disasters, failures, car crashes, tsunamis (it is time the word tsunami was used more often, I have hardly heard it at all for at least the last week and a half).

"tits" are available in India!
Milk duds are ok, and tsunami is already used as a candy bar name, but that's not what is exorcising me. I have just caught up with a previous post regarding Stingray. In view of this I may have to reassess my mental picture of you, and not for the better frankly.
That is quite intriguing. What's wrong with stingray and why do you need a religious rite to sort it out?

Bill: Stingray is the apex of supermarionation (see “another movie to avoid” below), and I have demons.
All of those would work except downers. People would think it was a sedative and the FDA would outlaw it or require a prescription.
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