Sunday, October 23, 2005


brainstorming in a teacup

I am considering starting a new blog, but one about things I like instead of one that complains about everything. I am sure it is true that there is always something new to moan about, but I am not sure that it is a good idea for one's general sanity to be looking for bad things all the time to blog about, although there is nothing wrong with having a negative approach if that is the way you enjoy life.

My mother used to sing the praises of pessimism, she always used to say to me, "Annie, the best way to approach life is to expect constant disasters, because then if there is a disaster you will not suffer added shock, and if something good happens then it will be a treat!" Here as in so many other things my mother was completely wrong, which is no doubt why she ended up in the secure asylum in the end, although they are nice to her there and give out extra bananas on a Wednesday. Anyway, I am not saying that if I carry on this blog I will end up like my mother, for one thing I only drink to an average degree and for another I can cook, but all in all what I am doing is thinking of changing blogs to a different subject.

Here are some choices. Tell me what you think.

1. A blog about my life in Columbia travelling about the place to Communist festivals and on drug criminal cocaine raids with the local police force (this would be difficult as it would involve emigrating and learning Columbian).
2. A blog where I list everything on the internet that day, all the events of the world, everything bloggers think about them and instigate campaigns against government wastage (this would just be difficult. Incredibly difficult.)
3. A blog where I choose a political position and insult everyone who doesn't agree with it. (But imagine what kind of people you would meet putting comments on a blog like that!! Not good.)
4. A blog where I tell everyone all about the latest developments in internet technology, nanopods, cellpodcasting, podsearches, etc etc (the obvious disadvantage is obviously that I have no idea about any of those.)
5. A blog where I write about some disastrous aspect of my personal life in grievous embarrassing detail. To do this I would have to probably catch cancer or try to have infertility treatment or kill somebody, but a death-row blog would probably interest many readers.

As none of these ideas are especially brilliant I shall continue to think about it and let you know what is going on, as far as blogging is concerned I mean.

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!
That's another thing I'm going to do, leave blogspot, I don't like these spam things they have.
Don't start another blog. You'll just annoy other bloggers who have linked to you and will have to update their links. If you want to make fresh start, just do all new posts in a different font.

I would like to see some themed posts. E.g. do a series of posts on 'The humans I knew'. Tell us about the little boy at school who put your pigtails in an ink well and how you got revenge.
i sugest a copleately fake dethrow bolg. just read a bunchaa books (or betar yet lisen to a bunch a merle haggard records!) an merge stuf form em so its not easily identafible.

gota think of a good crieame thuogh. i sugest u say that a corperate ceo was rapin ur co0lorful native multiculteral vilege an tryina froce u all to use strabucks merchadise in ur native multiacultarel gaia ceramonies so u shot im. oer betar yet his partriarchal mercenary thugs shot im by acident while tryna shoot u for standin up to im — an u were framed! draged away in ur colorful native garb while stoicly enmgaging in pasive rasistance!

i mean u gota go for taht angle simply becuase if ur on death row teh righties arent likley to give a crap. gota go for ur natural uadience. whose makin a buck in the death row game? mumia thats who.

teh spams evarywhere by the way.
No need to start a whole blog for any category. Just post what's on your mind on any particular day. Any one category can get old... fast.

I enjoy your writing, whether it's bile-filled, bemused or flying freestyle.
I like your blog the way it is. Complaining so much more funny than just documenting favorite things, you know?
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