Wednesday, October 19, 2005


computer games

Personally I am not into computer games, I can play one of those shooting the monsters ones and it is alright until you reach your natural limit (of interestedness I mean, not skills, anyone can pick up more skills if they have a lot of interest in something, just ask a gorilla) but then if I keep going while no longer interested I get brain haeomorrages of course if that is how you spell it, which anyone would under the circumstances.

However, I do not have a problem with anybody else playing computer games. If they want to spend their life wiggling sticks that is up to them, and you cannot argue that they are not learning anything because to someone like me who basically can't do it, it is obvious they have highly developed skills of coordinating little sticks incredibly fast, even if those skills happen to be useless. Perhaps they will become useful one day, or already are, who knows.

So this is what I hate, people who go around saying that computer games are bad for people. This is total rubbish. What is bad for people is nosey idiots poking their boots into other people's business and bossing them around when they have no psychic skills at all and cannot possibly tell whether the angry computer game player is having their brain destroyed by some kind of 1960s psychedelic spy show type of computer-game-subliminal-communist-ray-gun-emitter, or whether in fact they are merely sick to death with being told they are doing something bad when it is perfectly harmless and happens to be their favourite hobby. And as you cannot tell for sure, you have to go for the most likely, and it is not the first one as even idiots can tell if they try. But these people do not try, they just like having excuses for why it is that everyone around them gets angry and violent whenever they come near which avoid the obvious common denominator. Although they also get their personal satisfaction from stopping other people having any fun, because they are so bitterly miserable. They would be better off becoming alcoholics, if all the bitter people just drank themselves silly and went around falling over they would cause less harm, which proves that evolution is basically stupid. I will come back to evolutiuon later.

I have no problem with boring people staying inside and playing their video games and staying out of public places. If they all decided to come out and be social, there'd be less room for me in the pubs and on the bus, etc. And they're boring, so they wouldn't even be any use in the public space they're taking up.
I couldn't agree more. Video games tend to be boring but they cause no harm.

I mean, if Pac-Man really caused any harm, the youth of today would be hanging out in dark places, eating a never-ending stream of pills and listening to repetative music.
Recent research shows gaming can improve problem solving capabilities, logic reasoning, and spatial awareness. The exceptions would be people like me, who refuse to play xbox without essentials such as beer and spliff. The power of the modern machines also means you will be scared shitless playing Doom 3 in a darkened room with surround sound. Annie, you should give it a go.
As a doctor I have seen many bitter people (some of my best friends) drinking and I’m not sure I can agree with your prognosis. On the computer games front I don’t know why they don’t invent a plug to put into their heads and they can sit there in nappies drooling their life away. I think I warned you about the Matrix before. See? It’s all coming true.
Oh and don’t stop the web log fer Chrissake. Anyway, it’s not ours it’s yours, or am I sticking my boots in?
Has the fucking statement changed again? I'm sure there's more fluxes than before.
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