Tuesday, October 11, 2005


could the current diagnostic trend lead to government-sanctioned crack cocaine treatments next? I am just wondering

I can see that the words "deficit disorder attention" are really stupid because basically they just mean "bored" and the head shrinkers have publicised these fancy extended terms to make it sound like they invented something new and impressive. I can see that, but I still go around using those 3 words anyway because I like to annoy people who think they are a medical illness, like smallpox or something, and I like the sound of them because they are so pretentious, and it is fun to watch people's faces when you say you have disorder attention deficit, while they try and figure out if you really mean it or are just joking them, and if you do mean it whether or not you are out of your eyeballs with medical amphetamine usage.

Now I do think there is a difference between being bored and attention disorder deficit, because you can't have everyone going around claiming to be DDA when it is just that they are lazy and have made no effort to find anything to do, which is unfair on the people who go around seeking out interesting new activities all the time and just find that none of them last long enough. Obviously by the time you are grown up there is not much excuse for the second one either, except maybe if you live in Estonia or somewhere, I would think it must be terrible to be an easily bored person there, although of course the thing to do would be put a lot of effort into working out how to escape. (Actually I have never been to Estonia, I am just guessing that it is most likely dull. Maybe Finland is a better example, I am fairly sure they only have the one city, and one city is definitely going to get dull quite fast.)

So anyway, the main thing I am complaining about today is fake DDA people, who watch TV, walk really slowly, eat a lot of mashed potatoes and then get bored and like to moan about it boringly, because those people are not really bored they just can't be bothered to do anything and they actually enjoy saying they are bored all day and find it sufficiently interesting as an activity in itself. To be a truly easily bored person with specialist psycho initials, you must actually be trying very hard to occupy yourself and failing despite the enormous effort. DDA is what they used to call craziness, or being nuts, laziness is what they used to call lazy and it still is. And the other thing I am complaining about is myself, because I said there is no excuse once you are grown up, but I think that was a little harsh on me as perhaps I was the victim of a traumatic lifetime which has left me without the amazingly fascinating career that would stop me being bored, who can tell?

There is a lot of craziness about anyway, and some of the crazy people are bored, and hopefully they will get it together and find some better activities without having to become crack addicts first.

There usedta be a drug clinic in gloucester where crack was available to chronic addicts. I don't know if it's still there, having fallen out of such circles. Dull in the cotswolds doncha know.
I think you're on the right track here. I'm so sick of people making excuses for their low attention spans. I blame advertising.
ha! to hel whit avertisan. i take ful rasponsabilily for my atentan span. gnats aint got nohtigng on me baby.

hey anie u ratired or u gona post somthign?
I seem to be taking a pause due to lack of inspiration at the moment, it will probably come back but if not I will make an official retirement announcement post and give myself a large pension if possible.
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