Wednesday, October 26, 2005


death row blogging

It is quite boring here on death row, the routine is always the same and we don't get to do much gardening, also the food is inedible so I am becoming quite thin. I now think it was probably a mistake to come here just to write a more interesting blog, the bed is uncomfortable and the prison guards are rude, if anyone else is thinking of writing a death row blog I would advise them not to bother unless they are already on death row anyway for some reason, it is not what you would call a creatively inspiring environment and the clothes are terrible. I will be starting my campaign to get released quite soon, hopefully all will be fine as I am actually innocent.

Well, good. As you probably know, in America all you have to do is say you are innocent and they will let you out.

Any tattoos yet?
That's what I was assuming, yes. Someone told me it might not work and I could die, but I am hoping they are wrong.
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