Thursday, October 27, 2005


good news and bad news

The good news is I put that word thingy on to stop robots infecting the blog. The bad news is I may not be blogging much longer anyway because I might be dead. Apparently they do actually kill innocent people here on death row. Personally I do not agree with killing people at all, but things are worse than I thought. I definitely recommend to anyone coming to America not to turn yourself in for murder even when you are innocent, as it could easily backfire. There is obviously a reason why they call it death row, and it is not to do with the fact that people sometimes stay here alive for years on end. Hopefully I will come up with a cunning breakout plan before actually meeting my demise.

coool! do u have a celmate or do they put u in they're aloane? do u get to bang ur cup on teh bars an whatnot?
Did they give you one of the vintage movie outfits with the stripes, or is it one of those vile dayglo orange jumpsuit atrocities? If it's the latter, I'd be inclined to think death preferable to a life spent in that monstrosity!
I’ve been beaten to it, but I want to be your prison pen pal too Have enclosed 3 fuzzy Polaroids of my tattoos including the new one - Free A****Nnie.
Kept the “A” and “N” from “Alison“. She didn’t make it.
I’ve written a song to keep you going.

“There’s no lights on the Christmas tree, Momma,
They’re burning Big Louie tonight…”

The next bit’s sad, so I’ll leave it there.

MAR754367 (Cat : HS1) HMP Pentonville

PS What was the crime you didn’t do? Do you shower communally?
What a lot of questions, which is good as there is nothing to do here except reading old Stephen King novels from the library trolley.

Firstly, I am on my own in the cell, although I would not like to be rude about the other murderers by saying why it is good. I suppose if it gets even more boring I may learn Morse Code for cup banging purposes, if there are instructions about that in any Stephen King novels, which there probably are.

The outfit is indeed orange, and most unpleasant but luckily nobody sees it except other people wearing equally bad clothes, and I am not too worried about giving them a good impression as their taste is so bad anyway.

I must go now as it is shower time and we only get 2.4 seconds to shower per day, including travel time.
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