Tuesday, October 25, 2005


total confusion

Alright, now I really am confused. It seems I should write about what is on my mind and my schooldays experiences with themes from death row, I like ha ha ha's idea about making up the death row part as there is some risk of death with actually being on death row, also it occurred to me they may not allow very much high speed internet access there, from what I have seen in Susan Sarandon movies the living conditions are not that great, I don't think they even had their own TVs or phones in fact. Apparently celebrity blogs are popular these days especially ones where you are rude about their clothes, so I am thinking maybe just blogging whatever is on my mind about celebrity outfits while pretending to be on death row would be good. But then again I read somewhere that you need to invent a name nobody else has heard of to impress the search engines, I don't know what search engines are really, I know you can put a word into google and it will find you six hundred things completely irrelevant to whatever you wanted to find out about, but what is the point in that? It would be better called a loss engine in my opinion. But anyway you are supposed to call yourself squodge or trooolooo (lots of os are good, apparently) for this spurious incomprehensible reason.

So putting all that together, should I have a new mission statement called "Whatever occurs to me from death row about celebrity splooodle fashion plus themed anecdotes from my childhood?"

The celebrity outfits is a really bad idea though, I don't know why people are interested in that, they all look the same anyway. I saw this blog where the woman says things like, "This skirt looks like an ocean liner, and this jacket is reminiscent of a bag of oranges" and it was not funny, it did not even make any sense at all, the outfits clearly did not resemble the things she was making up. There is no accounting for popular taste, which is another reason why I am a misanthrope.

Tell us a story, Annie. Or if you won't do that, rate the following items in order of desirability: pigtails, horses, rasberry jam, spankings. Give your reasons.
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