Sunday, October 30, 2005



I escaped. It took about thirty years, but I gradually chipped out a hole in the wall that led to a vast underground tunnel and ultimately, freedom. To avoid any prison guards spotting the hole, I simply hung a big poster of the dead Diana, formerly Princess of Wales in front of it. It wasn't fun looking at that for three decades, I can tell you, but I think the prison guards have too much respect for royalty to feel tempted to pull it down in one of their fits of pique about their unpopularity among the condemned.

After getting out, I noticed that despite thirty years having passed, everything was the same. Science still hasn't come up with fast exciting space-travel, or a cure for the common cold, or a way of getting drugs to Africa, politics still exists and there are still too many blondes in America. I am not sure whether I have been through a time-warp or whether the thirty years I just spent waiting to be electrocuted were really only a few days that seemed like thirty years. I would have blogged more, but honestly it was really, really boring in there. If I had known they don't even give you beer, I never would have bothered.

It musta been a very young Diana on your poster. I too am now out on licence these last 10 years. I’ve waited for you, and though I am now 73, I‘m fit. I think we should meet to take things further. I’ve no skin left for any more names so you’re my last hope.

Yours truly,
Would you consider posting on 'a mischief of magpies' in the afterlife.
I'm glad you're back. Wait, where are you? It has been 3 weeks!
You were in for 30 years waiting for electricution?

Can't have been in Texas then... you'd have been lucky to get 30 minutes.
Okay're too quiet.

Post something so we know you're alive...
Too many blondes indeed. Not nearly enough miscegenation for my liking.
These guys found the tunnel... scroll for amazing pics.
Damn! Stick this after showthread.php?
What a bizarre blog. And hello from another Annie. I feel some kind of affinity for you, y'know.ju
october 2005? you probably aren't even reading your comments anymore.
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